本文摘要:With a new app from Google, finding outfit inspiration will no longer require hours of scouring the internet.谷歌又产品研发一项新的APP啦,必须不用花销很多钟头来欢乐自身想的服饰。

With a new app from Google, finding outfit inspiration will no longer require hours of scouring the internet.谷歌又产品研发一项新的APP啦,必须不用花销很多钟头来欢乐自身想的服饰。The new shopping feature, Style Match, was just announced as part of Google Lens and it will change the way you shop.这个新的应用软件叫Style Match,是Google Lens的新作用之一,它不容易变化你的出售方法。The concept is simple - if you see something that you like, you can point your camera at it and your phone will then show you the same item, or similar items, to purchase.用以定义比较简单,假如你看看上啥,合上照相机作用,随后你的手机就能识别出有完全一致商品,或是相近商品给你随意选择出售。

And once you find the exact dress you saw someone on the train wearing, you can purchase it through Google Shopping.你能找寻与你在火车上看到的人穿着的一条一模一样的长裙,并根据谷歌买东西来进行出售。The app works in real-time by using image-recognition technology - meaning you can purchase a pair of shoes within seconds of seeing them on your coworkers feet.这个运用于能应用动态图识别技术性,换句话说在你见到朋友脚底穿着的鞋几秒以内,你也就能够顺利完成出售。You can also see reviews of the item before you purchase, as well as different items in a similar style.在出售以前你要能够网页页面下面,也有相近样式的各有不同产品的举荐。

According to Google, Style Match also works on home decor.依据谷歌,Style Match 某种意义仅限于于家俱装饰物。This isnt the first fashion-matching app - the app ScreebShop offered a similar shopping experience when it was released last year.这不是第一款时尚潮流加上的运用于,上年,ScreenShop就发布了一款获得相近买东西感受的作用。

However, Googles version is the first to be built directly into the camera - meaning “youll be able to browse the world around you, just by pointing your camera.”但是谷歌是第一个必需根据照相机来体现,含意换句话说“合上照相机来网页页面身旁的全球”。When you dont have the words to describe the jacket you saw someone wearing on the street into a search bar, Style Match can do the work for you.你也不用费力在寻找栏描述在街上看到一个人穿着的夹克外套是哪些的,Style Match能够大哥你顺利完成这一工作中。Currently, the Google Lens app is only available on Android phones and Google Assistant.现阶段Google Leas 的运用于不可以在安卓手机系统手机上,和谷歌小助手上边用以。





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